Delta Zeta Chapter at University of Louisiana-Monroe

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Kasey McDonald


As President, Kasey maintains communication between KD nationals and the chapter. Kasey also oversees everything in the chapter.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Pre Pharmacy
  • Hometown: Monroe, La
  • Fun Fact: Kasey never learned how to ride a bike!

Shelby Carrier

Vice President of Member Education

As VP-ME, Shelby works with the new members bringing them up to speed on everything KD ensuring that they can continue on the legacy at ULM.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Pre-Med
  • Hometown: Lafayette, La
  • Fun Fact: Shelby is obsessed with all things cheetah!

Colby Craig

Vice President of Membership

As VP-M, Colby and her team plan our Fall formal recruitment. Colby also oversees sisterhood events and maintains chapter membership.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Coushattta, La
  • Fun Fact: Colby used to race lawn mowers!

Kaydee Arnold

Vice President of Community Service

As VP-CS, Kaydee plans all community service and philanthropy events. She also maintains the chapter's community services hours.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major:: Communication Advocacy
  • Hometown:: Monroe,LA
  • Fun Fact: Kaydee's ears are deformed!

Rachel Dolecheck

Vice President Public Relations

As Vice President Public Relations, Rachel promotes Kappa Delta in social media, and through the public. She is in charge of all flyers, t-shirts, and pictures.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Marketing
  • Hometown: Monroe, La
  • Fun Fact: Rachel has a brother who is less than a year younger than her!

Ashley Chandler

Vice President of Standards

As VP-S, Ashley is in charge of all social events and makes sure that all Kappa Delta members are upholding good standing in the chapter and on campus.

Julia Gatson

Vice President of Finance

As Treasurer, Julia makes and pays all bills for Kappa Delta. She also works with each officer in the chapter to maintain a stable budget.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Accounting
  • Hometown: Shreveport, La
  • Fun Fact: Julia sat by the lead singer's girlfriend at the last concert she attended!

Emilee Howard


As Secretary, Emilee compiles the minutes, sends emails to the chapter and assists in help other council members complete tasks.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Pre-Pharmacy
  • Hometown: Jena, La
  • Fun Fact: Emilee is obsessed with corgi puppies!

Katy Kelly

Panhellenic Delegate

As Panhellenic Delegate, Katy is the liaison between Kappa Delta and the ULM Panhellenic council.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: Nursing
  • Hometown: Pineville, La
  • Fun Fact: Katy can touch her nose with her tongue!

Abby Turnbow

Vice President of Operations

As VP-O, Abby sets and makes goals for Kappa Delta. She informs and motivates the girls to reach our goals.

  • Contact Email:
  • Major: English
  • Hometown: Shreveport
  • Fun Fac: Abby once scaled a seven-story castle wall!
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